Sustainable - Feng Shui - Modular - Container


Inspiration & Vision is Everything 

Inspiration & Vision is Everything 

Mission Statement

“The future is here now, why use methods that have not evolved in 50 years? Let’s be the change we want to see. Choose sustainable housing." We have the technology we need to implement it and adopt it faster.
Everyone should be able to afford their own home without huge debt. A home is not a luxury it is a basic human right. -Daniel Stanford

We aim to bring awareness and make available new modern design solutions.

Sustainable - Feng Shui - Modular - Container - Prefab - Eco - Compact

We feature energy saving (passive) housing, and cost saving, solutions that are accessible to all.

We source innovative design that meet or surpass LEED standards that can adapt to your geographical environment.

If you have a site or a property that is ready to be built upon send us your detailed requirements. 

Consulting Services Offered :

- Assessment - Architecture - Interior Design - Product Design - Planning Procurement and Contract Administration